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The disruption is the point. It's fine that you don't want to put yourself at risk for an objectively good cause. It's not like civil disobedience is compulsory. However, imo, we're lucky have people willing to risk it all to make the world better for everyone. I'm not physically able to, anymore, and it warms my heart to know there are people who are able to, go all the way. Personally, I think this should viewed as an inspiration, rather than a nuisance.


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Not gonna lie, I always felt weird telling people what I was blasting. They're pretty effing good, but yeah. I thought tropical fuckstorm, was a dumb name for a good band, but then I heard "one more day won't hurt", by Slaves. It was on repeat at work and the reaction of people who'd ask was hilarious.


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I didn't read the article either, but it sounds like they are outside of law enforcement reach, by choice. Lancaster is in the desert, so there's no change in environment, and they most likely had their own stuff anyway. Vice did a video, which sounds like the inspiration for this clickbait article.

eta- yep that's pretty much it. Sounds like the biggest issue for the county or whatever, is that the homeless still exist, in spite of the efforts made to make live as miserable as possible for them.