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No, no, no, hear me out. If you close one eye, hop on one foot, and hum the theme to Gilligan's Island then this new crypto scheme is totally different than all the rest! I promise! And look, the CEO and founder is a 12 year old boy! It must be good! Someone give him ten billion dollars and absolutely no oversight!


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If AI ever gets good enough and financially viable enough, which is a big if, it’ll just change the nature of what junior devs do.

Like, people weren’t put out of jobs when compilers were created, despite how much more simple writing programs became.

Same deal with AI. Right now it’s like a natural language-powered sed, but it ain’t solving problems the way humans are. But it’s great at repeating what you said back at you or doing find and replace on text with less input than a normal word processor.


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So all the companies who got caught colluding to keep tech worker wages down have suddenly, all at the same time, decided independently that right now is the time they need to lay a bunch of people off, an act that will undoubtedly help suppress wages for tech workers.

Nothing fishy about that at all!


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I get the feeling his investors are all true believers. When he says he invented PayPal, they nod their heads in uncritical agreement. When he says he was never balding, they clear their internet caches to make sure no evidence exists to disprove him. When he says he's an engineer who wants to read thousands of pages of source code for twitter, they boast about how he wrote a video game 40 years ago so it all makes sense.


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Alternatively, if you have a set you normally do for 10 reps, do as many past 10 as you can with good form and then plug that info into one of the million one rep max calculators that exists on the internet.

Super easy, barely an inconvenience.