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It’s the crushing reality of the profit-driven, soulless world we live in. Defeated by the relentless pressure to succeed, some of us find solace in presenting our worth in Mickey Mouse memorabilia. Many think those mass-produced trophies of mediocre success will be their only legacy, but the rest of us know it will all end up in the trash to be forgotten. Much like the vast majority of humans who came before us.


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Dennis: “Dennis and Dee Reynolds here. We are talking about the homeless issue here in Philly, that's a big issue these days, and we're here with our friend Cricket, he is a homeless man. Cricket, walk us through a day in your life.”

Rickety Cricket: “Oh, a day in the life...Well, the other morning, I wke up, I find a dog sniffing at my wound. He's fully aroused, mind you. So I'm thinking, "Oh great, what does this jerk want." Of course, I know what he wants. He's lookin' at me right in the eyes. He does not have to say it. Not that he could. I mean, does my scar look like a dog's vagina? I dunno, maybe. I'm not going to sit here and try to get inside the mind of a dog. I mean, that's God's work. Well, not that I believe in God. I don't. Not since that Chinaman stole my kidney.”