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He’s cheating. And like all cheaters, he’s going to make you feel like it’s your fault that it happened instead of taking ownership of his mistake.

✔️ Distancing himself seemingly out of nowhere

✔️ Bitching about things he used to like about you

✔️ Not wanting to come home

✔️ A sudden desire for time apart

✔️ Gaslighting you to the fucking moon

This man has a fling at work and he’s too chicken shit to tell you. Do not feel shame here. You can do better than him.

Edit: and I hope you ignore the children of this site who compare your situation to their senior year flings. People don’t change in this way and they certainly don’t try to keep the door open. You are being kept as an insurance policy in case this other woman doesn’t work out.


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  1. The case is intended to be difficult to pop in since you want to be confident it won’t pop out. Most cases you’ve gotta push pretty firmly to snap it in and then it should stay nice and snug.

  2. iPhone 14 is a pretty complex choice for your first phone ever lol. If you ever need help you may wanna check your local library as many offer tech help days and they may be able to sit with you for challenges like this. My partner volunteers there for such a program 🙂


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Furries making their routine attempt to shed the shame of their fetish without actually changing anything about their subjecting other people to it without their consent.