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The point of an analogy is to illustrate a point, but your analogy is false so it doesn’t illustrate your point.

It’s important to understand the use of analogies.


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Schrödinger’s cat has been perverted by popularity. It’s not that the cat is alive or dead it’s something else entirely. When someone looks at the cat it is forced into being alive or dead, but is currently something neither alive nor dead. It’s in a third state of being.

So your argument is wrong, and you had no idea why. If asked would you have said that it could be wrong because of a misnomer about superposition?


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I can’t know, because if I knew I would have already changed my mind. You have to come up with an argument I don’t know to change my mind. All of the arguments that I currently know haven’t changed it.


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It’s hard to come up with evidence that would change your mind, because if you knew it you would already have changed your mind. It’s on the person arguing to pay attention to what the other person sees as important and engage that way.