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One thing nobody seems to discuss: As we move into a post-CO2 future, we will not have enough renewable power (at least initially), to maintain the lifestyle to which we've become accustomed in the west.

Which means we need to use more man-power and less electric power overall.

Think of all the things that used to be man/nature-power vs. fuel/battery powered: lawn mowers, leaf blowers, toothbrushes, razors, washing machines, clothes dryers, bicycles, toilets, blenders, floor mops, cigarettes, cameras, window blinds, scooters, telephones, earphones, etc., etc., etc.

If we want to save our societies from climate annihilation, in the short-term, we need to triage what gets to use artificial power.

Considering the global, eons-lasting consequences we are facing if we don't get emissions down, energy triage is the most compelling argument for choosing humans over robots.


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My mom had one of those. Holee shit did it nuke stuff fast. She bought it back before food had microwave instructions. First test was a chicken kiev that took 45 minutes in the oven. Figured--ah-- 10 minutes in the microwave??

Fucking charcoal briquette.

Put it on the kitchen counter with a sign as a warning to the rest of the family.