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The same thing can happen with fall restraint. If the person who fell can’t self-rescue, their harness can cut off circulation to the legs. Very important to get them down as fast as possible.


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Best way i can explain it is death by a thousand cuts. You sanction them a little, they find a way to work around it—then you sanction them a bit more, so they have to work around it again. Do this a lot, and they lose so much time and effort having to work around them. Economy’s shitty, people are tired and things look uncertain, it’s terrible for public morale.


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He smoked a ton but was adamant that no pictures or footage was taken of him smoking, because he didn’t want kids to pick up the habit because Ernest smoked. He was a role model and took it seriously.


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They tend to revisit old laws as they come up. Times and opinions change, someone charged asks “wait, isn’t this law bullshit?” and then it’s time to look things over. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is the general attitude, but with these old laws you don’t always know shit’s broke until someone’s inconvenienced.


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The science is still being done on that, but from some basic googling it seems like a minor issue—as seaweed doesn’t really eat, any microplastics found are on the surface, and can be easily rinsed away. HOWEVER: fertilizers, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, and industrial contaminants could still present an issue.