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This isn’t why the schools here don’t have libraries anymore. Someone was able to convince everyone that switching to chromebooks would be better than needing books and paper, and they got away with it. 🙃 I think it was 2016ish? It wasn’t the norm before.


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Lots of people are pro GFS. I fully understand looking outside of public school here if you're not in a good catchment, but I find it more than borderline offensive when people move into a good catchment area and then still don't use the school.

In case it's not clear, you're in a good catchment.


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-whispers- I've been bitching about this for years.

People think the city is just soooooo scary. The county has plenty of its own criminals, and they often come here to fuck around. They've been treating the city as their personal playground for a while. I mean, look at the stats on who's down on the Ave seeking a fix.