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As someone who used to think like this until this past year or two. I just wanted to clarify some misconscenptions about places like Lovecraft Arts and sciences.

Places like Lovecrafts arts and sciences, and the Portland Lovecraft film fest, and the historical society in LA aren't really about Lovecraft specifically. They're about weird fiction, like weird tales pulp magazines back in the day.

The most popular (and influential) author from the weird tale's era is by far Lovecraft, so his namesake has become a label for all things weird. His fiction does play it's part because of it's sheer influence on the genre as a whole, but it's really just a small part of what places like Lovecrafts arts and sciences do.


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I'm not sure exactly, I'd assume you'd have to be a person who filed the bite report. Our report situation started from when the vet reported it. Then the Providence Animal control called to file a report, which they never did, until a month or two later when i pushed for the vicious dog hearing. The whole thing was a shit show tbh.

So if the dog was injured they probably took it to the vet, and the vet would have to report it to Providence animal control. (thats a big what if) If it was anything like the dog attack that happened to my dog.

You might be able to call some local/emergency vets. Mention you witnessed a dog attack and just wanted to let the owners know you'd be a witness for them if they were seeking legal recourse.

which im not even sure if there is any. If the dog is declared vicious the owners have to keep in muzzled or in a fenced in caged pen and a bunch of other requirements. Who knows what's considered vicious or how many incidents are required.


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You need to push for a vicious dog hearing. It's pretty much the only recourse, and animal control won't go out of they're way to tell you about it.

When my dog was attacked they didn't do or say anything until I pushed for the hearing. It was a mess, when I pushed for the hearing and they pulled up the paperwork for the attack it wasn't completeted, or filed smh.

The guy on the phone was like seesh someone messed up (i didn't have the heart to tell him it was him who originally took the report months earlier.)

All the animal control people were very nice, but the whole thing was such a shit show.


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See if you can push for a vicious dog hearing. It's pretty much the only tool available to bring any sort of consequences to a bad dog owner.

A pitbull attacked my dog on my property, latched onto his neck and wouldn't let go, the owner refused to pay for the emergency overnight vet costs.

Scheduling the vicious dog hearing is the only reason I got that money.


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Off the top of my head.

Depends on what you're into if you like walking around you could do a historic walking tour, If you've never been to new England places like benefit st have alot of old houses and history.

There's parks, like prospect terrace which has a great view of the city and great sunsets, the east bay bike path if you want to be outside, but it's getting chilly.

Museums like Risd museum, Old house museums like the john brown house, and stuff like roger Williams botanical gardens are fun too.

Besides that food, lots and lots of food. So many restaurants just pick what you're in the mood for. Thayer and Downtown will have the biggest concentration of choices.