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If it was Cosmos, I think I remember the same. Except, what he was saying is that we had discovered within the last decade (at the time of filming, the 1970s) that this was NOT the case. When he was talking about Venusian jungles, he was referring to what people once speculated.

I may be wrong about that, I don’t remember the year in which Russia got that lander onto the surface. There is a big focus on both versions of Cosmos in illustrating how old ideas have died out in favor of new ones, however, so he and Neil both talked about past incorrect hypothesis all the time to contrast them against what we know now.


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“Woke” is a word I only hear from conservatives, to complain about it. The concept simply does not exist for the vast majority of people evaluating the media.

This is very much a controversy that’s playing out only in your own mind and the mind of every other right wing bitter butthurt incel.

“WOKE” is a thing to you and you only. The people you’re putting the label on have no idea that you even exist, and it has as much meaning to them as it would have to you if I suddenly started to refer to you only as “Beeble Bubby.”

In other words — none.