Lurnmoshkaz t1_j6mfblt wrote

Don't forget, China is currently imprisoning millions of Muslims in Xinjiang. And nothing from the Islamic world.

The whole burning Quran fiasco was just an excuse for them to express their anger against the west. Even though Sweden has done nothing but shelter and welcome Muslim refugees from all over the world lol.


Lurnmoshkaz t1_j0velwe wrote

Other than the fact that it's not 24/7, London's metro and bus infrastructure is way better than New York's. I'd say comparing to European standards, New York is pretty mediocre. Downright bad if you're Swiss or Dutch.

Outdated tech. Tons of delays/cancelled trains. Super, super super fucking dirty, and certainly not as expansive (super dense connections in Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn and queens, but non-existent in areas like deep queens like Bayside or fresh Meadows, Staten island and so on).

New York's public transportation is only impressive if your standards are American.