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My dad describes work as just another day breaking big rocks into smaller rocks. He happens to be a high level healthcare executive, but I truly believe in his mind he's just breaking rocks. Each day before the sun rises, you get to work and you don't stop until the sun goes down, and you do that each and every day because those rocks won't break themselves. We all live like kings in this modern age, and it is important to humble ourselves and commit to a life of service, whether that's to an organization, your family, or just managing your own life. You gotta just keep breaking those rocks, because it's about the habit. Submit to your own authority that says you have to get up and keep trying because if you don't, who will?


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I always hear my dad saying in my head "it's a low bar". He has said this a few times to me about things that I really already knew I should do. I remember his words when my kids ask me to read them a book, give them a bath, or for my wife when she asks that I do some specific chore or go somewhere with her, I hear my dad "it's a low bar" as in, the least I can do are these little things. Maybe I am not a great father or husband, but I can clear that low bar of showing up and doing what I consider the bare minimum. Pay the bills, keep my wife happy, be there for my kids: it is a low bar. Nobody is asking me to truly better myself and become a better man each and every day, they just need me to check some boxes. And if I keep doing that, I might just improve myself as a whole in the long run.