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To be honest, I did watch it with the intention of it being similar to Hannibal (as that’s what many people compared it to) but if it’s not similar then it probably won’t be my thing.


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I literally never call the show bad. If it was bad, I would have stopped watching before the end of the episode.Regardless, it’s not a big deal. I was only asking a question so people can either answer it or not.


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But I don’t know if it’s “bad” the whole way through. That’s why I’m asking.

Besides, I never said it was bad. I just found it surprisingly boring but I still managed to watch it.


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This is what I was asking other people but for some reason, I keep being downvoted.

Many people have said that Mindhunter is great because of the Ed Kemper scenes. I wanted to know if that was really the only reason for watching it so thank you for clarifying with an actual response.


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I just asked a question because the use of the word “peaks” would usually mean that it doesn’t get better after that. Im not saying that’s my actual opinion (as I haven’t watched it) but I just wanted to know if that’s what the commenter meant.


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I definitely don’t think slow is boring. I’ve watched many shows in the past which have been slow but ended up being amazing. I just don’t want to watch Mindhunter if the plot isn’t going to get any more interesting.


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So he’s the only interesting part of the series?

Edit: Not sure what the downvotes are for- I was just asking a question, not saying that Ed Kemper is the best part of the series (I wouldn’t even know because I haven’t got that far).