Luvs2spooge89 t1_jd3qo8w wrote

I remember they’d also sort of be hush-hush about their daily specials. Like I’d hear from a friend that they’d have 1/2 off pizza on Sunday’s. So my wife and I went on a Sunday. Didn’t see this mentioned anywhere on the menu, and the server didn’t mention it, so we had to ask if that was in fact a promotion in order to get the deal.

Then a few years later we went back on a Sunday (would make trips to state college for Trader Joe’s and to have the wife’s ring cleaned at Kranichs etc..) and they said they no longer did that because “they were losing too much money”.


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Knoebels really stepped up their landscaping recently. I worked there through HS, and have been there countless times, but last year I was really impressed with some of the landscaping they installed, especially around their ticket amusements (Phoenix, Twister etc). The wooden coasters are my favorite.