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Thank you for this cautionary (and beautifully written) tale. It’s one of the most useful posts I‘ve read on this sub in a long time. I too expect to need a new roof soon. An open-ended clause in the contract, to the effect of „we won’t know what we’re dealing with til we take the old roof off,“ is seemingly impossible to avoid. I guess the best one can do is try to deal with a company that has a reputation for honesty, and hope for the best.


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I think you can take building materials to the dump on Reisterstown Road, but there’s often a long line of contractor trucks waiting there. The last time I went there, I waited an hour. Baltimore shouldn‘t make it so hard and time-consuming to dispose of construction material — I think that’s why there’s so much illegal dumping in alleys.


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I‘ve been a member at that gym for years. I‘ve found the staff always to be polite and friendly. Also, the gym is highly racially integrated, both among the staff and the members.