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The creature stood, imposing in his size. Blood from the deer it had been eating dripped from its maw and hand-like paws as it slowly stepped toward the hero. The hero faltered for a moment before thrusting the blade toward the beast. To his shock it simply bounced off the Man-wolf's chest, both looked down, the creature with a bizarre look of amusement, the hero with a combination of disbelief and horror. "Brave... Foolishhhh."

The hero gazed up stunned as a gutteral voice reminiscent of a human escaped the creature's mouth. The creature stepped forward as the Hero stepped back. Growing horror welling up. He was doomed. No more than his 17th year and he feared he wouldn't see his 18th. "B-Back. I.."

His voice trailed off as the creature continued forward, his steps silent on the stone of the cave. Silently the wolf stopped, the Hero's back pressed to the wall of the cave. To his right, a deep drop into a chasm in the cave. To his left, another wall, and just beyond the Wolflike creature, the moonlit entrance, and something.. Big flying towards the cave. He recognized it almost instantly. A dragon. Amethyst in color, and growing larger and larger. He gazed at it for longer than he realized. Such majestic, fierce creatures. For a moment he felt almost glad he'd gotten to see one before he died. It was all too long before he realized that the beast had yet to make any move. It simply stood staring, a growling breath the only noise as it inhaled and exhaled. Silently it sniffed at the air. "Korrr.."

The hero was shaken from his stupor as he glanced at the beast. "Wh-Wha?"

With a dull thud, the dragon landed at the entrance. It stepped forward with a fierce growl, fangs bared as it approached. "Stop... Friend."

The beast said as the Dragon halted. The dragon and Manwolf seemed to stare at each other for a moment before a presence made itself known in the Hero's mind. "Who are you? Why are you here?"

The hero faltered for a moment before speaking "Ansin. Son of Malik. I.. I am here to destroy the creature responsible for all the deaths in our cities and villages. I've been tracking this creature here."

The dragon stepped forward. "Then he is right. You are brave, but incredibly foolish. You see, we are Rider and Dragon. While my Rider is the same as the creature responsible, we ourselves were tracking it. With the same goal as you."

The Hero went wide-eyed. Suddenly it made sense. The Blade of Sundri's Light hadn't worked because the Beast was pure of heart. He was a Rider, a guardian of the land, blessed by all 6 divines. "I.. I didn't...."

"Obviously.. We do not blame you. But I must ask... Why? For what purpose do you intend to destroy this creature?"

Ansin's head dropped before he spoke. "My father... That... THING killed him. Simply because he was tilling the fields after dark. I heard his screams... When I made it he was already dead and the beast... He did this."

Silently he removed his tunic reavealing a deep set of slash marks across his chest from his shoulder down to just below his belly button. "I shall not stop until the creature's head is mounted on my wall... I cannot..."

"Nor will we... But we will not find the beast until the next full moon. Until then, you should rest. The sun is soon to rise. It will be impossible for us to find him now. We will find the creature together, and you shall have your vengeance."

Ansin bowed in respect to the Dragon and his rider. "Very well.. But I must insist I continue with you. I cannot take this on faith alone. I must see the beast die. If not take it's life myself."

A hand lay upon his shoulder as he turned the beast now a man with long flowing brown hair and beard standing before him. "And so you shall. Besides, that weapon of yours will be of great use to our goal. Now, put your mind at ease and let us sleep. We'll look further tonight.."

With that the three settled into the cave letting sleep take them as sunlight slowly crested the entrance.