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I think the setting plays a big part in that. I grew up in Melbourne and the areas of Collingwood/Fitzroy/Brunswick used in Offspring are a very similar vibe to Camden. But it’s in the writing too, how you’re gradually introduced to this quirky extended family that are sometimes quite difficult people, but who would ultimately do anything for each other.


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Apple TV is just incredibly bad at advertising their shows. Ted Lasso took off because of social media and then once that had happened, they took advantage of the hype. But there are so many good shows on Apple that nobody even knows about, so when they say “give people a better chance at checking in” I would interpret that as, market it AT ALL basically to people who aren’t already on the platform.


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Everything wengerslasagna said in their comment. It’ll make you laugh and cry. Just so heartwarming and charming but not sickly sweet. It has the right amount of everything. Really well written, you fall in love with their extended family and side characters in a way I think is rare on most tv shows. If you’ve seen the Australian drama Offspring, I like to tell people that if you put Ted Lasso and Offspring in a blender, Trying is what would come out.