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Wow, okay. I see you've clearly chosen the Republican side. You can pretend you're a fence sitter but you're on the side of guns, book bans, anti-women and lgbt rights, and so-called 'states rights' AKA the ability to be racist and homophobic without anyone to stop you. You made yourself out to be moderate but you're clearly not, my mistake.


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Most of the democratic party would actually like to do something about it, but unfortunately Republicans are in charge and a couple of Democrats are just corporate stooges and will vote for whoever pays them the most, such as Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema. People are like, "Democrats had the majority in the House before, why didn't they do anything then?" Because it was a very slim majority, and some of those democrats were corporate trash, even if they ran as Democrats. I wouldn't describe the whole party like this, but even just 2 or 3 was enough to stop so much stuff going through. I don't consider myself a democrat. Until a few years ago I had voted for republicans just as often as democrats, but you can't be wishy washy about this and sit on the fence and say 'they are both bad' because that attitude just make it worse and muddies the waters. That's what the Republicans count on. You've got to choose a side. Fence sitting doesn't fix anything.


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Republicans are also holding back affordable or universal healthcare to treat people with mental health issues, actively promoting hate and violence towards gays, trans, minorities and their allies, and opposing anything to help those in poverty including food stamps and free school lunches for kids.

Somehow, even completely removing guns from the equation, it's still Republicans fault.


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This doesn't really surprise me. Women with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges are overall very vulnerable to sexual and physical abuse. This is not only because it is often easy to take advantage of them and get away with it (they are often dismissed as 'crazy', or find it difficult to articulate what has happened to them) but because their erratic behavior can be difficult to deal with, and might be more likely to trigger violence against them from others who are easy angered or frustrated and express that in bad ways.


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In some cases it appears to run in families, but to my knowledge the causes for schizophrenia are varied and many of them are not well understood. So not every case of schizophrenia is hereditary.