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> acting in the interest of the residents

First of all, we're on the same side as far as my opinion of the Irsay family - But make no mistake, it was the threat of eminent domain that directly resulted in the team moving. That's what happens every time when you fuck with a rich man's money. Schaefer gambled big and lost big. This is on his shoulders, and I loved that guy.


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Good. Why wait for strike 4? Jacobs Field, the FieldHouse , and the RNRHOF were all built while he was putting asses in the seats. I guess they were more worried about that one fucking guy who was at the Indians games with his big tom-tom drum.

Cleveland treated him like a red-headed stepchild.


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She married a crazy dude who ended up fucking her life up pretty bad.

> Speaking about her custody arrangement with her ex-husband, Lita said (hear audio below): "By the time our divorce was final and everything was said and done, it was such a joke that it didn't matter what I got on paper. There was no way I was gonna be in those boys' lives. They were such a mess by the time I left and my ex-husband left that it just didn't matter. I just needed to walk away from everything and regroup and come back with Plan B. The big problem for me was I couldn't find them after hiring four or five private investigators and them being out of the country in a Carribbean island. I really didn't have any United States… The Hague Convention, the Hague treaty was working against me with them being in a Caribbean island. And when they did come back to the United States, it took me nine years to track them down and find out that they were living in Tennessee. If somebody wants to fall below the radar, they can."

> Asked what justification the courts used to deny her custody of her two children, Lita said: "They said I was not taking the medication that they prescribed for me that was absolutely ridiculous. It was just an excuse. I did everything in my power that they asked me to do. I did everything. They had nothing on me. And my ex-husband was just lying, he was just making up stuff as we went along. It was just insane. And as he made stuff up, there was no proof that I did all these things he said I did. It was just absolutely crazy. Because I really was a great mom. I put everything into being a mom. I stopped my musical career. I focused on nothing but my boys. I homeschooled my boys living on that deserted island. I mean, I spent all day every day with these kids. I had stacks of books. And then we would go fishing and we would cook dinner. We had a great, great relationship. So for them to turn around and say, 'Mom, you did this and you did that.' Like, 'Wait a minute. You guys are dreaming. You guys are being brainwashed by your dad.' And the attorneys are just feeding off of that."


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.. And to add to this, Cleveland more or less pulled the same act on Modell. His team was the big draw in Cleveland, and he watched as they built new venues for everyone else, and denied him. As I understand it, the Rock 'n' Roll HOF was the straw that broke the camel's back - But to his credit, he gave them the name, which he didn't owe them - The Irsays floated a $30M price to Baltimore in order for Baltimore to retain the team name.


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Dude, this was a direct result of Mayor Shaefer's direct threat to Robert Irsay that Baltimore would try and take the team by eminent domain. This is precisely why it happened the way it did.

As much as I can't stand the Irsays. I'd have done the same thing.


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Not in a rowhome - But as a reference, last year my landlady replaced the drainage pipes (sorely needed). $21K total.

So act according to your aversion to risk vs expense


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It's funny you think this is a flex.

Real estate is a supply vs demand business. The difference is a city with a much higher standard of living, we had IIRC about 35 homicides this year, as opposed to Baltimore's 325. We don't live in a city full of traffic cameras and shitty services that vaporize when you need them. Baltimore isn't even a top-rate second-tier city any more, and hasn't been for forty years. Happenings in San Jose and it's people are in the news most days, you guys make the news when the citizens are burning down your city as a result of some of the worst governance and policing in any city in the US.

Serious question: Have you ever been anywhere else? Because you sounds like the prideful dude who is hurr durr Baltimore the best! (Shoutout to Brooklyn Park, lol)

You can still love a place and not be blinded the the reality of what it is. Also, maybe have a look at the glass house you're standing in while holding that rock, because you just sound like a dummy.

In other words - You get what you pay for, son.


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San Jose is great, dude. Don't get me wrong, I love my hometown, but it's nice to step out of your comfort zone.

Oddly enough, all of the legitimate complaints I'd heard over the years (COL, rent, etc.) is pretty much the same there now as well. So all of the costs of being in paradise, but it's Baltimore.