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I don't think people recognize that landlords and developers are assuming the responsibility and risk of developing higher density housing as opposed to the city building exclusively low-income housing. It's better to blend people with low-income into the community so that they can benefit from the infrastructure and resources that come with a higher incoming earning population.

That's the whole reason DC's strategy is to get developers to offer a percentage of their housing as low income in exchange for grants and tax breaks. This even helps old people who owns homes cash out on the equity of their home and move into something they can afford.

You guys want DC to handle housing? They built a park in my neighborhood on land they already owned and they paid the contractors over half a million dollars for a simple playground. The ANC's wanted a million.

If you are a DC landlord you cannot discriminate on source of income, credit score, criminal history. Sure the rent is guaranteed but so long as they are under the HCVP. If you want to evict someone for non compliance in dc it takes about 6-12 months.

Complain as much as you want but their is a housing shortage in DC and I can tell you I rented a property and I would say about 90% of the inquiries were HCVP and there were about 200 inquiries. That's a ton of people on HCVP looking for homes and they are often looking for housing for 4 people or greater. HCVP also does not pay as much as market rates in the area. There are a ton of people looking for homes and only developers are willing to undertake the risk of HCVP because they have the scale to do it.

There's so much licensing crap you have to do just for 1 unit, if they made it easier and shortened the court process in case something adverse happens then more landlords will sign up for HCVP. Out of the 31,744 affordable units and 790 housing providers in HCVP there are only 227 providers with 1-2 units and only provide 322 units.


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You are wrong. How are you going to tell me that coming from the state that literally has a state sponsored car insurance fund enabling bad drivers that private insurers find un-insurable? Your state is probably biggest problem in the metropolitan area. Maryland overwhelming makes up most of the tickets and accidents in DC. If you're going to ignore observable reality, why don't you google actual statistics VA vs MD or crash/ticket data in DC.

The signage is there, the enforcement of the speed is not. The logic of speed bumps solving all problems just doesn't make sense. Why not put speed bumps on every road in DC then? The speed limits are 15-20MPH in the majority of places. If your going to put it on Ohio Dr then put it everywhere. The logic doesn't follow and it's a dumb waste of tax payer dollars.

Use the enforcement resources available.


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The speed limit on that road is 15 MPH, no? I don't think throwing a bunch of speed bumps or rumble strips is going to be the solution.

If you have just one cop there on Ohio Drive and put up a hand full of radar speed signs it will actually improve driving behavior instead of spending millions of dollars year over year to build and maintain 3 miles of speed bumps, rumble strips. If you reshape the roads it would cost even more money and cause traffic disruptions in a wonderful park.

You don't have these problems in Virginia and they don't have the level of traffic calming measures that DC has. You have to create a respectful driving culture.

I think the awful persistent driving climate in DC proves current government efforts are not working.


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Listen, there are a subset of people who drive like shit. I drive a lot in this area and sure speed is a problem but people drive incredibly recklessly here.

In one year three times at the same light on a green someone goes against traffic through the opposite lane, with no plates, and almost hits me less than 1 block from my house when I lived in DC.

Whenever I take my average speed driving in the city, hand to god, it’s 15 miles an hour or less no matter how I drive because there is so much traffic. People here drive like dog shit and don’t care. They are angry to be stuck in traffic, they are angry about their life and they take it out on anyone they can on the road. They’re animals.

A chicane or cobblestone won’t stop those bad actors, they are on their own path to self destruction with or without some chicane or cobblestone. They just want someone to witness their shittiness


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I have a rental property and had to go through the bbl inspection a few months ago. The inspector failed the unit in the bathroom for not having GFCI and the Kitchen. I replaced the outlets with GFCI and then no problem in the second inspection . I might be wrong about the distance but not having one by a water source will likely fail you in the inspection. These guys aren’t walking around with rulers, my inspections were all virtual.

If you go to dc property search you can lookup if the property owner has a BBL. They should be a lot nicer to you if they don’t have one. They can’t even evict you without one among other things.

Sorry I don’t have a documented source but if you just call 311 they can direct you to the right office in DC. They live for that stuff, for real.


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I believe it should be GFCI if it is three feet from a water source regardless of the room. I recently had to do the inspection and that was the guidance I was given.

GFCI outlets are really easy to install. I got a 2 pack for $15 and wired it myself.


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I think for a full run to and from Dulles and Ashburn, an express train has diminishing utility but the time savings within that express service bracket like Tysons and Ballston and close to the skipped stations might see significantly time savings. If a person lived in Ballston, they could get to Rosslyn, Tysons or Reston much more quickly and because the distance is pretty short I think they would be less likely to 'catch up' to another train.

I know that's not why they are implementing it am just making the observation who the major beneficiaries of this change would be.

I'm somewhat confused why they would operate express-train service where the incremental operating cost exceeds the incremental revenue.