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We all need to run around to quiet the mind.

I’m not yet a doctor, but I’m fairly sure we’ll find that inflammation is necessary for the body to function correctly and exercise is a way for us to push that inflammation into areas that we want to be rebuilding rather than where our brain says so


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What? How do I know that the human psyche changes when met with unknowns vs knowns?

Making a point to yourself is what you did, troll me is also what you did. I didn’t state a meme I informed you that your method of argument is lackluster in a polite discussion, though I didn’t use so many words.

It’s okay if you can’t articulate your point well just try your best! And I’ll help you refine what you actually wanted to say :)


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You’re looking at it from your brain and not the populations brain, if it was more likely to make money with a million different stories it would. All of humanity only has so much room in their head for the news and the news knows that if they want any two people to be discussing and thinking the same things at the same time, otherwise being valuable as “news” then they’ll have to focus their attention

I’d also like to point out that these are the stories that are the top 10 not the thousands of other stories made every single day and fighting for these slots


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People have been living longer and longer for decades, researchers of aging believe the first 200 year old has been born. Think about the medical progress made in 100 years, if the projections continue we will be living LONG long enough that technology in other places are likely to change fundamental aspects of living often


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If you can already interrupt ekgs you can get some other data from them, not very actionable but I had the presence of mind to activate the watch while I blacked out due to a vagal, got half a cool recording before I moved too much for it, but I was vaguely reassured