MHarbourgirl t1_je657nz wrote

I nearly inhaled my coffee at 'commemorative teaspoons'. OMG, dude, I really hope you can expand on this. This could go places, the way you've started it. And I shamelessly admit that I would read the shit out of a whole book or six if you did.


MHarbourgirl t1_jcfcj2b wrote

Your alien is adorable. This is kind of how I tend to imagine aliens as they get to know us. Everything makes sense until something suddenly doesn't and they get all discombobulated. This story could go places, it really could.


MHarbourgirl t1_isydgkb wrote

Agreed. When you have to watch people you love slowly disappear into the permanent fog of memory loss, you find yourself with a sudden urge to punch the author of this article, because they clearly have the empathy of a brick and no knowledge of the thing they're trying to describe. Watching my FIL forget who his only son was is one of the most heartbreaking occurrences of my entire 52 years. There was no joy, no beauty, just pain and anger and fear. And I'm gonna stop now because the more I dwell on this the more I want to track down that author and beat the stupid out of them.