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No idea. I stopped paying my licence fee years ago. It got to the point where I would only watch Top Gear, Robot Wars (the return), Doctor Who, and a few BBC4 docs. It wasn't worth it after they went down hill.


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For a long time the only profitable Sony group was SCE/Playstation. They wouldn't want to add another money pit to their portfolio as they would have to start pumping out content to fill it.

I think it could be a good thing (especially for ourselves), if they just let their content rotate around the streaming platforms.


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Oh the end of Saturday morning TV hit me hard even as an adult. Born in 78 with older siblings, Saturday morning TV (in the UK) was a staple TV viewing before I could understand what it was. And as I grew older, I was their prime target audience as an 80s kid.

Then into the 90s it was just what we did. Even later, waking up still hung over from the night before it became something to sober up to. Come in to my 30s, it was background TV as we did the chores.

Then one day it was all gone, replaced with some shitty cooking magazine shows. For years after, I would still find myself waking up, head still clouded with sleep and putting on the TV out of pure muscle memory and being disappointed that the piece of my childhood was gone.


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Yes, but for the worse. Now we get mini/split series with half the run length and a years break in between and up to 3 years for the next full series(season).

The season breaks are so long that the cast members & crew go get other roles in between runs, which delays further filming when the TV networks decide start production again.


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This might sound daft but hear me out? That room doesn't have its own circuit breaker does it?

Looking at that ceiling makes me think that you live in a rather old house(?). Before modern standardisation was introduced, a lot of old wiring was a hodgepodge of random wires going to some individual rooms, and later on when it came to "modernisation", it was easier to just re-trace old wiring paths for particular rooms rather that ripping the walls out for a complete job.