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The first "thing" that came out of Area 51 as a tangible, functional object that captured real public interest was the SR-71 Blackbird. It had been kept under wraps for a while and was already well into it's conceptual design & flight testing phase when the public was informed of its existence (I think by accident, perhaps).

This thing still holds the flight speed record of Mach 3.4 (2609 mph) set in 1976, with an unverified claim of Mach 3.5 in 1986.

So if that's the FIRST thing that was uncovered from whatever they were working on in the early 60s at Area 51, imagine what weird ass shit is going on there in the five decades since...they hadn't even invented silicon transistors yet.


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Frank wakes up from a terrifying fever dream, 40 years younger, in a chair at a desk in a taxi dispatch office. Wipes the drool from his mouth, on his worn out vest. He then mumbles all sorts of curse words as he steps down from the office into the taxi pool, yelling random directions and insults at Jud Hirsch, Marilu Henner, Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyd who are all in character and trying to make sense of his troubles.


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I've read about how they're trying to develop it for a third season, but there probably won't be much movement on it based on so much shakeout from streaming services.

As you can imagine, creating a period piece that uses such specific medical equipment and set dressing is extremely expensive to make. Adding to this problem, the showrunners are currently attached to ANOTHER period specific series, Perry Mason. I liked that show, but I also know that it's going to take a lot of effort to keep that production afloat at HBO. It doesn't leave much time for the showrunners of The Knick to boost interest and raise money for the backburner project.

I'd love to see it though.


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Imagine what the first or second draft of what Lucas came up with sounded like...

That screenplay was poured over and revised (uncredited) by guys like Paul Schrader and Brian DePalma on casual weekend get-togethers. Plus the production was behind schedule, so they were forced to go with a lot of questionable takes from actors to keep things moving along and not go further into the red.