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He got smoked in the Governor’s race, in part, because Shapiro outspent him so badly. Mastriano whined and complained for weeks after the election that he lost because of the lack of financial support from the national GOP organization after he got the nomination.

Also left out that even the big money GOP donors in PA including Yass didn’t meaningfully contribute either.

Senate races are obscenely expensive in competitive states and Mastriano has zero personal wealth to utilize.


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You complained that you felt ruled by Philly. This simply isn’t true by representation in Harrisburg and then complain about money spent in SE PA yet these areas contribute more tax revenues than they receive back per capita because they support the state financially and are growing.

You made the second most common thing you hear the rural voters say - that their taxes dollars support the welfare takers in Philly when ITS THE EXACT OPPOSITE especially in rural counties with aging and older demographics.


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PA residents endless complain about local property taxes.

Too many school districts and way too much dinky municipalities yet same residents refuse to merge with adjacent municipalities to have a broader tax base and reduce need to increase property taxes.

Local residents complain loudly about local property taxes.

Repeat cycle of stagnation. Change is always hard but it seems extra super hard in most parts of PA.


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What? This is one of the dumber things you hear constantly from people in rural areas.

Simply look at who has majority in the PA since Senate and House since 2000. PA GOP has has the majority in the Senate since 1990 and all but 2 years in the House and the upcoming session this year.

Governor’s office has gone back and forth between both parties but the only PA Governor from Philly or the Philly area in the last 50 years (I’d have to look back further) was Rendell.


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The whole Krasner thing was a political stunt from the beginning but Krasner deserves a lot of the criticism he gets on a few topics.

The most glaring one is his office’s ineffective efforts to both effectively prosecute and form partnerships around illegal firearm crimes including possession.

I would love to see him go to a community event in Kensington or SW Philly and explain his positions on gun crimes in areas with a lot of gun-related violence including homicides.

Krasner may have some truth that going after illegal gun possession in a city full of illegal firearms won’t reduce actual gun crimes but that’s a tough sell to average voters and especially residents in areas with a lot of gun violence which is notably up since 2019.

Sends a bad message and sets a bad perception as well.

A lot of people he hired too have left and there are a lot of complaints he expects too much & created a dour & unpleasant culture.


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Mastriano and Oz are largely irrelevant. Bad candidates in statewide races who ran bad campaigns.

Mastriano was going to lose as soon as he got the nomination. He is still crying about the lack of national GOP support and claiming it is the reason he got so badly outspent & lost.

It is a minor reason but it was telling Yass and any of the big GOP money donors in the state didn’t meaningfully contribute or endorse him either. They knew a dud when they saw it.

Mastriano will be locked in that Senate 33rd district though as long as he like unless there is a radical redrawn district map. GOP held since 1941. It’s overwhelmingly white (86%), rural, and Christian.

I am much more interested to understand how the Democrats outperformed in the House races and won so many swing/even slightly GOP favored races. Exact opposite of 2018 elections where the Democrats in state races underperformed expectations and federal elections.

Mail ballots are a big reason and since the GOP can’t radically change the rules of the game like in GA for the next 4 years, they’ll figure out how to better focus on them and getting voters to use them.


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Adamstown or Morgantown. Cheaper housing and both are right off the PA Turnpike.

It doesn’t seem like it but you can get from Adamstown to the Philly Airport in 1:15 in off-hours and it avoids the worst traffic in the Philly area. Morgantown is an hour.

Adamstown is an easy 20-30 minute drive (or less) into Lancaster. Depends on where you are going and traffic has increased but it isn’t big city traffic jam either.

My friend has to fly 2-3 times/month out of Philly and his wife works for the Lancaster School District. Just built a really beautiful custom home right outside Adamstown.

Adamstown is in Cocalico School District which is a good, small district. Just a bit more rural but it has been changing with recent construction in the area.

Morgantown is in Twin Valley which isn’t as good as Cocalico or some of the other districts around Lancaster.

If you want a bigger city, you are kind of out of luck. Not any cities of size west of West Chester in Chester County except Kennett Square.

Some great school districts but not an easy commute to Philly Airport or Lancaster daily.


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Yea except in bad weather especially sleet/snow. Turnpike is generally better plowed and will have at least one lane that isn’t in terrible condition.

It also has a ton of traffic in and around Lancaster it didn’t have even 15-20 years ago as the suburbs/over 55 communities continue to sprout up in Lancaster County.


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PA Turnpike is the most expensive single toll road (not crossing a bridge) in the world end to end and yes it is poorly paved compared to other toll roads in the Midwest and Northeast.

Portions of 95 that are tolled around NYC are in worse shape as well as several toll roads around Chicago. Not many others though.