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I think the entirety of the show is based off of the premise that society functions only inasmuch as it has to in order to fool the idiotic masses who lack the kind of discipline that is required for real learning and spend all their time indulging their baser instincts.


EDIT: Shit, sorry, super unclear. I meant but set in the future.


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I was kind of looking at the entire history of Television, not just the last 10 years. Yes, I wasn't alive for all of it, but I do enjoy the idea of crafting a show, like a play, and then working to make it better rather than slathering on 50 different writers hoping for magic every time and waiting to cancel like a relative that stands to inherit millions hovering over the plug of a dying old coot.


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I think what studios don't appreciate is that good scifi shows are slow to build ratings but, once built, can develop die hard fans willing to spend all kinds of money on it.


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Well, I'm only a couple into season two. Maybe it will pick up.

It's annoying that studios don't commit to the shows anymore. They're staring at the ratings in real time and the moment they go under a certain line it's like "cut it". Used to be that smart television people had vision and built a product into what people wanted. They crafted shows like art. Now it's just spam and ratings to see what is making money and what isn't. "Try this, how'd it do? OK, try this now."


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Hey, spoiler alert, I'm only 2 shows into the 2nd season! ; ) But yeah, first season did make me laugh a lot more. Now I'm just sad and mildly amused.

I've already noticed that they seem to have kind of run into the same writers block that a lot of shows run into early on. All the elements are there, people being horrible, technology geared toward the ADHD, influencers and personalities being horrible people but I'm just confused as to some of the motivations of some of the characters now.

If you look you can see that the writers, directors and teleplay authors change from episode to episode, which may be what's happening, no long term goals by anyone save maybe Armando. Dunno. I'm going to probably finish the 2nd season. Morbid curiosity and all.


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You can come up with an infinite list of reasons not to get into a relationship with someone you care about and want to be with. Then you're 50 and alone and no one is calling you asking for a date.

When I was younger I had all these rules and considerations in my head and I'm glad I didn't let that keep me from taking a chance on a totally screwed up situation that turned out to be the love of my life.


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If you like him, really like him that way, just tell him "hey, let's date, exclusively, girlfriend boyfriend, I want to, I like you."

If you don't, then give him a lot of space because he probably wants to date you. Just saying.

If you're not sure, ask.

Your situation is already bad, better for it to get better, or worse and get it over with instead of making it stay where it is.


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Maybe I can interest you in a book given to me by the Catholic titled "You're a sinner and that's pure evil coming out of you."

Your brother was probably masturbating and thinking the same thing. Dude.... chill. All dudes masturbate. Everyone knows it.

Try not to be disgusting about it and you're fine. Like, don't Louis CK anyone or anything, just try to have some discretion.


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It did not. I commented that this is bad, yes, but the military is aware of these things usually far before it gets to us on social media and even if they weren't, you couldn't simply walk on base, grab a nuke and use it.

There are a lot of safety features on even just regular missiles that would make them unlikely to be useful if stolen, nukes are way worse. I mean, it's concerning and yeah, probably everyone involved is in huge trouble but honestly, not a good chance that this intel would be actionable.

More like other countries looking at it and laughing. "Dumbasses. I'm glad the idiots in our army will get a break from being laughed at for a minute."