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I’m not sure on price but I believe it has a pretty low capacity. Went to a wedding there years ago. It was amazing, but it was not a lot of people. And I thought it was something about how it wasn’t designed as an event hall so you couldn’t do as many people with tables and such. But seriously gorgeous venue and it made for a great wedding.


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Although most tattoo artists are self employed or considered subcontractors and it’s getting common for artists to work in different areas/shops to expand their client base, so supporting any female tattoo artist is also great! They need that money so someday they can open their own studios! Anchor Steam in Newport is owned by a woman named Jen. And I think there was a shop named Steel Lion or something that was woman owned but not 100% on that.


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It is. They connected when they were shown to their seats by the person they had a moment with and they missed their chance at connection. Some missed connections are one sided completely. Doesn’t make it not a missed connection.

Either way dudes who live in glass houses full of online dick pics probably shouldn’t try to throw stones at people who are trying to connect with people with words and real life interactions.