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The process by which native americans endowed each other with new names, with the idea being that you were given a new name which informs a story relevant to the reason the name that was given is particularly interesting.


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I think it's cause Nuns are often depicted as "brides of Christ" married to either Jesus or the church (which I think is a popularized myth). Apparently it’s a metaphor meant to better understand their commitments to Chasity, which works for some people, but it’s not something that is literal or universally embraced. So to give that up is like you're divorcing Christ himself probably to some folks out there.

I understand people taking a vow of celibacy but I also feel like to devote yourself entirely to it is in rejection of the biblical message of Adam and Eve, God's message to be fruitful and multiply, and so on. That said, even for asexual people of faith there's always the option to adopt and be stewards that way, so I see no outright harm in such. Just that certain institutions are unfortunately misleading their own clergy.


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> Tolkien expressed the idea of "Northern Courage", which is a bit chauvinist, but the idea is good: it's the courage to keep struggling even if you don't see any hope

Interesting insight. Is this a reference to Aragon and company suicidally charging the black gates of Mordor while not having clear knowledge but faith that frodo and sam will achieve their mission?


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> We're long overdue for a global GDPR framework

I mean how can you protect citizens rights to constitutional privacy without one? All these foreign spy agencies, government contractors and private corporations swaying elections and collecting meta data is a threat to democracy, or a moral hazard at the very least


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Yeah idk this book bothered the fuck outta me. I was told it was one of those must read great American novels then I read it and wondered what was so great about it?

I'd say it's almost like reading Great Gatsby or catcher in the rye but somehow worse than both combined. I just couldn't empathize with the main character at all in this one.

There's better jack kerouac novels out there too, who to me was sorta the boomer wannabe version of Hemingway


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Just wait until you hear about the LDS Mormon church, it's practices, and all it's federal employees. Not to mention that it runs as a top-down authority organization so everyone takes orders from their leadership.

Take for example Mitt Romney's homeland security record In Massachusetts: domestic spying, wiretapping, the Utah 2002 Olympic bribery scandal, the Bain capitol scandal and so on.