MacAndRich t1_j9dsox4 wrote

>I have a garage where the drywall isn't attached directly to the studs at all.

I almost went insane not finding the studs in my garage! As it turns out they layed what seems to be 1"×4"×8' boards horizontally over the studs, then drywall over those. So if you run a stud finder horizontally you'll never find them because there's an air gap between the stud and the drywall.


MacAndRich t1_j2e6p2x wrote

I don't think you can compare a deep fryer to an air frier.

Taking French fries as an example:

Deep fry > air "fryer" > regular oven.

It's definitely more efficient than an oven for smaller portions and because it's a compact convection oven, it definitely does a better job at cooking evenly.

But no, it is NOT A DEEP FRYER. They call them air fryers so they sell better, its more catchy.