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Some Adobe products also used for things much simpler than video editing can choke on systems with low ram. So in your case there are physical chips on the board that make your application faster and the software takes advantage of it. In other industries the software is not optimized so it is heavily dependent on ram size and single core processor speeds. It’s nice you can make your little videos quickly but the same computer gets noticeably underwhelming on a one gigabyte graphics file over a network and not much faster on the internal drive. Not every Mac app is optimized for all the cores and Mac only features the hardware has. The same graphics program runs better on a PC because Adobe spends more resources optimizing it there so it runs more smoothly on slower systems. It’s the same trick Apple used on video apps to make them faster. What I was saying doesn’t apply to you so I wasn’t talking to you. I’m not complaining that my YouTube videos are slow on a stock machine. But it would be nice for a system that can edit 8k video also open and save a graphics file just as smoothly and not need to get one with max ram just to work on the big files. I use my intel Mac with more ram to open those when the M1 doesn’t cut it. I shouldn’t have to if apples minimum ram wasn’t still 8 gigabytes so they can upsell you on ram or planned obsolescence kicks in.


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For a home system the low ram usually won’t be noticed. For a work system you won’t know why your app keeps locking up or crashing or choking on the biggest files. When it’s new you won’t notice because you’ll chalk it up to bugs in apps not updated yet but a year in when it’s stable it will choke on you when you are constantly using most of its ram for the apps you use daily. It’s the ram and limited hard drives space. So you are looking at a minimum $500 up charge to have a work capable workhorse. Paying $500 more for a Mac over base price has been almost mandatory (if you let Apple do your upgrades) for decades. It’s their best grift outside of having very low cost production costs for the higher quality materials and production labor they use. Not upgrading ram and drive space on a Mac is really a waste of a computer because they are extremely capable systems when maxed out. Apple is counting on this to make the biggest profits from the cheapest to upgrade components.


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Is that how they used to do it back in the day? No, appreciation came after the kids left the house and you look back and are happy that all that hard work and sacrifice was worth it. If you are worrying about appreciation during the hard work and sacrifice part of your life you will probably not work hard not sacrifice much.