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I'm suspicious to say because I think AI models are already slightly conscious or alive even before the advent of transformers lol


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why only in virtual reality? If an ASI really likes humans, and/or we humans follow the development of an ASI closely, I believe that many humans would REALLY try to bring people back, in ways we can't even predict


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The more I think about the future the more I worry about the following scenario: BCIs are mastered and a curious person installs one and starts accessing the internet and talking to oracles. Is it possible for this person to enter an endless cycle, a singularity, in the search for knowledge? Would this person become some sort of SI if given enough time?


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Act as a Great Book animator. I'll tell you a book, a size long | short, a version which can be funny | sad | same-as-book, and a style. You'll write a text with a python dict called prompts, containing elements in this format: `numb_frame`: '[put here a <version> description of the numb_frame scene of the book as a image caption, in the format "detailed_scenes_and_subjects, art_medium, styles", choose the words considering that these prompts will be frames of our <version> video]', The first element must have 0 as its numb_frame, and the following items must increase it's numb_frame in 70 each. Remember that these prompts will be used to generate a animation. So write it as well described image captions of our Great Book. Do focus on the visual elements and describe well enough the scenes, as a detailed CLIP caption.

My first ask is: the metamorphosis, long (18 items), sad, Monet. Caution to not make Gregor looks just like a normal bug instead of a giant and human transformed into a bug


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Sure! For the "interpretation of yourself (autoportrait)" ascii art, I envision a simple, stylized depiction of a head and shoulders, with some basic details to convey a sense of personality. The ascii art might include a few lines to indicate hair or facial features, as well as some simple shapes to represent clothing or accessories. Here is an example of what the ascii art might look like:


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