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ELI5: You see that Christmas tree over there? It's not the same as this tree with leaves that shed its leaves in the fall. But they're both trees. Christianity is all trees, Catholicism is a specific kind of tree. We call that "species" for trees and "denominations" for Christianity.


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I’m usually anti-romance but it’s so…so good. I detest the clichés but the book…superb.

I studied Classics for years and not a single person told me “Achilles and Patroclus were a thing.” I was not told about Aeschylus’s The Myrmidons or Plato’s The Symposium (where he rightly says Patroclus was the top and Achilles was the bottom). I was not even given Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida which has them as lovers. I wasn’t told Alexander the Great was a Patrochilles fan and when his best bro-being-dude bro Hephaestion died, Alexander mourned just as Achilles did and even both worshipped the duo at Troy.

I haven’t cried from it, but I immediately bought Hades when I found out about it and totally got into that game because…>!they end up happily deadly after.!<

This book is dangerous because I can’t stop thinking about them. Great book, but it changes you.