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Reason for the lawsuit:

BMG’s lawyer alleges that “My Poops” infringes on Black Eyed Peas’ surprise 2005 hit single, “My Humps,” 75% of whose publishing rights belongs to BMG thanks to a corporate acquisition.

The suit claims — and a review of each song’s Genius annotation confirms — that the two compositions bear a strong resemblance.

“First, the title of the infringing work is ‘My Poops,’ which is an obvious play on the name of the copyrighted composition, ‘My Humps,'” wrote BMG’s lawyer, Seth L. Berman, of Abrams Fensterman LLP.

Berman goes on to list other similarities, including the melody, countermelody, lyrics, chord progression and the use of a lead singer who “uses a similar delivery and vocal inflections as used by Fergie on the original sound recording.”