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It's wonderful that you have progressed so far ! It's amazing the influence parents can have on children by osmosis ! I hope your mother was able to increase her typing speed!


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I have always loved typing. There was a time when I was fascinated by the idea of typing without looking at the keyboard. My typing speed used to be under 20 words per minutes.


I learnt how to type a decade ago and improving my typing speed is a passion of mine.


The book 'Grit' by Angela Duckworth talks about the importance of hobbies or learning an instrument as a child. Of persevering at something you are not actually good at to tell yourself that you can get better at something through hard work. I had not read the book as a child, but typing has come to represent that to me.


I practice typing whenever I get free time or want to relax and not think about tensions. Getting better at typing is a reminder to myself of being able to get better at something you were not by sheer hard work - A testament to my hard work.


I love the feeling of improving at something with sheer hard work.


However, a lot of typing websites are mere random words or passages that are a paragraph or two and then repeat ! This is a fantastic idea !


It's real text. It's literature so it even has a lot of words, which would not appear in everyday conversation. It teaches you new typing patterns and new memories for the muscles to build.

It's also very engaging for the mind and a very constructive website ! Thanks for making it !