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How much faith do you have in your ability to generate worthwhile ideas and concepts? What is your ideal market and what do you believe people or companies will pay big money for in the future? I do think digital art is largely not worth it if you're hoping to make a living on sheer technical proficiency. If that window hasn't already closed, it will very soon.

How the art is created will be immaterial if you have faith in your mind's eye and your ability to conjure the things you envision. That's kind of what art has always been and what it will remain. You could even do this for other people. Until AI is so good that it can cut out all the back and forth and faithfully produce what the customer desires on the first try there will always be people impatient enough to commission work from other humans. And even if it gets there, still no one's going to take away your ability to create novel and thought-provoking work.

You probably need to have something valuable to say, because there won't be value in having a pretty way of saying something. I don't know about you, but I don't see much evidence of AI encroaching on the former quite yet. And when it does we're all fucked.

The market will be crowded and you'll need to stand out in some way to make a living, but there aren't many fallbacks where this won't be true, especially in the creative sphere.

And if you find this kind of stuff disturbing to a point where it fucks with your daily life, come talk about it with the other nutballs in r/MAGICD.


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Could not have said it better. is for discussion on this topic. Think Foundation, but the first crisis is the many new and interesting ways peoples minds will break when confronted with AGI or something approaching it.


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Yeah, I agree it's not that revelatory, but it was kind of cool to become totally convinced through this little exercise.

And I agree. Unless everyone is way dumber or more oblivious than I thought the DOD is heavily involved. There's no way they can afford to just let this happen. I'll admit, though, that I'm a little surprised at how much of this has happened in the public eye. I would have figured the billionaires and state leaders would have swooped in with offers that couldn't really be refused a while ago.


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Yeah I agree with all of this and think it would be helpful to offer people perspective in a similar manner. I'm personally comforted by the fact that some unknown of the universe will remain unknown, even to advanced AI. In that space there is room for existing gods and religions, and I think that will make people feel better.


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Imagine a prompt with GPT-x: Be my friend ElvinRath. I'll tell you 10 things about him or feed you some things he's written and you'll try to predict some thoughts he might plausibly have on a given topic.

Now imagine the output is more or less how you might speak and even a decent run at how you think. Of course it can't be exact, but whatever it is, it's more intelligent and well-reasoned than anything you can create. Maybe you're a drunk and the family stops inviting you to dinner, but they still love you and train their AI assistant to talk like you. Eventually, what are you good for? Are "you" even a thing when someone else can create a convincing copy?

Just one silly example. Ultimately, some people who interact with technology like this will see only its promise. Others will get caught up in negativity and need some help.


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Yup, I'm mostly okay with that future or something like it. I also think this will move very quickly and it might be nice for people who are fucked sideways by it to have some resources that help them feel better about the absurdity of it all.


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I agree with most of your points, I just think we're talking about a different time horizon. I think some people will twist themselves into knots starting like, today, about how much AI is going to change the world in the immediate future. They may need a little help to get over the hump.


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I guess the fear is that some people will be negatively impacted, at least temporarily, by the true understanding that we are just biological computers and AI will surpass us. If that's not so for you, great! But it will probably fuck some people up. This is about how we might get them through that.


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AI has the potential to improve many industries and make a lot of people a lot of money. I'm totally on that train. It will also disrupt the world and have negative effects on mental health for some, possibly to disastrous ends. Our world doesn't need any more disillusioned nihilists.