Mago_Barcas t1_j47ezft wrote

Not only is it fucked up but it’s also very strange because legally this is considered destruction of property. US law views pets as objects with dollar values like a car or chair… which I know is also fucked up.

The thing is the pictures appears to be pure breed which is typically atleast 1000$$. If it has a documented lineage could easily be more then quadruple that.

If a hunter shot my tire they’d be expect to pay for replacement. If it was on purpose they could also be punished in a secondary fashion. Based on the article it looks like certain legal avenues were not considered… The only action here appears to be reaching out to the licensing authority to prevent them from hunting. The owner could still file a police report and pursue damages in small claims court. I’m not sure if the fact that the dog is adopted will impact how the court values the dog… As cases I’ve seen look at both replacement value(potential 1-5k) and last sale value(adoption… could be less then $100)