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So, I briefly worked across the road at Hollywood Casino at the command center and we have limited view from the surveillance cameras (surveillance is a separate gestapo unit) and sometimes on a slow night surveillance will wait til you're not looking at your monitors and set every one of them to be a close up of Paul Bunyan's face from one of the parking garage cameras


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That would be Conflagration, Bangor 2053's red light district which will feature a "sky blue house of pleasure" as the head quarters of whoever I decide to put there, I'm thinking a trim lumberjack built man who dresses in flooring silks and carries himself like a brothel mistress.


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My point is more that I'm holding onto shit for a long time, I actively minimize my e-waste, including repairing my own electronics whenever is possible. The phone I had before this one I kept for 5 years and did a battery replacement on myself, I use computer monitors that were originally bound for an e-waste center. My TV was a broken find that I managed to replace the power supply in and now it works a charm.

Because yes tech stuff eats up rare earth metals like nobody's business, and it's hard to go without them in this day and age, but my reducing my e-waste I'm also reducing my demand for more, doing a small part to make running environmentally and often ethically dangerous mines in less demand also.

I'm all for putting renewable energy production and other infrastructure projects around if it benefits the local population, but Mainers would not see the wealth of the mines and still deal with the inevitable environmental impact of them.


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huh, I got messaged by them and was asked where to visit, I gave some suggestions and that was basically it, wonder what the scam was supposed to be


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I just checked Craigslist for the Bangor area. The cheapest efficiency is $675 a month and there is only 1, every thing else is a couple hundred more minimum, and if the person has kids there's no way to try and support them too without government aid. At which point the government is just subsidizing businesses who don't want to pay a living wage