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I always thought of it like a suburb of New York City. Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but I thought Newark was similar to Alexandria, Virginia. Like it's technically a city but it's still only developed to the degree. it is because it's close to a larger city that's across a river, same with nearby and unincorporated Arlington County. They are very populated and some have a "city" feel, but still suburbs because of the dominance of the nearby city. Hell, they even have pretty similar population densities too.


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Yes, but The schools are fine to him because nobody he knows sends their kids to public school.

Pretty much every conservative complaining about public schools don't have kids in them.

Vast majority of the wealth in the deep and rural south is old money dating back generations, just don't ask them how their family got it.


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Jesus, I guess Brooklyn is New York's Alexandria / Navy Yard. If this keeps happening there will come a point I'll consider creating my own ad campaign against moving to DC and the east coast cities.

"Work from home? Move to Scenic Dayton™ instead! You'll live like a king with affordable rents along the tropical Miami river waterfront."

But in all seriousness I looked at Queens on Google Street view and honestly I loved it. it looks like Baltimore yet within commuting distance of like the greatest city in America(Even with a nearby Locust Point!). I just need to freshen up on my parallel parking skills haha.

Also I'm aware that there's no metro train that goes from Queens or Brooklyn to the Bronx, is that as big a deal as everyone says it is?


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Not really the lack of desire, just lack of opportunity. I'm only 22 so I've only really had agency for 4 years, and in those years my focus was supporting myself and my family.

I have never travelled outside America but I have been close. I had grandparents out in Arizona, and when I visited them years ago they took me to Nogales, which is a border city kinda like Arizona's San Diego, however I couldn't cross into Mexico as I didn't have a passport at the time.

Edit: I think I have been in an embassy once or twice.


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I mean I know I can definitely spend less money by staying in a cheaper area and "commuting" in to the fun parts. After all I travel to experience a city while I'm awake haha.

I know Philly has Camden, NYC has Brooklyn and The Bronx, and I think Boston has Southie? Although I'm definitely gonna research further.


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Admittedly I have only truly "travelled" to a couple cities so my experience is limited. I'd like to see a city with skyscrapers and tall buildings, New York has to WTC and the statue of liberty which I'd like to see which is a point for NYC, but I'd also like to be in a place where I can like, truly feel like what another city is like.

I'd like to go to a city with museums and history, where I can learn new stuff, and see stuff from history.

A music scene is a plus, if the city has like a dark basement where I can go to shows every night I'd love that.

I'm not really a foodie, like local cuisine is nice, but I'm more interested in trying something authentic that a local would buy on their lunch break, rather than spending $50 on a steak dinner in Manhattan


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A am a native to northern Virginia technically. One half of my family came from Anne Arundel and PG county and the other from Virginia, and both kinda landed in the DC area because it was the closest city.

I've never been to NYC because I have no family up north that were close enough to have an excuse/ opportunity to visit, and as an adult the travel is always the cheapest part, the time off work and hotel is what is expensive.


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I included Chicago because I have done a lot of reading on the city already and thought I would love to move there. A big city, with goog public transportation, jobs, and it's CHEAP. On e of my favorite hobbies is to "travel" to places on Google Street view, and Chicago is one of my favorite places to "visit".

Then I discovered that when people say Chicago is cold, that means it sometimes gets in the double digits negatives which I didn't know was possible in the continental U.S. so kind of scrapped that idea, but I still want to go there sometime in my life.