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Why not accept both of them as they are along with their epistemological uncertainty? Why even bring faith into the picture? You can't know anything with absolute certainty other than the fact of existence.

"And to live without belief in anything at all would be considered empty and meaningless". This is an unverified belief in itself and the whole framing of the discussion is based on shoddy assumptions like this. It presupposes that one cannot live a meaningful life without beliefs, which is not true once you dive deep into what a meaningful life would entail. Beliefs give you the illusion of knowledge, which lead to a distorted perception of reality. Thus, I'd argue you can't live a meaningful life with beliefs as you are no longer perceiving reality as it is and accepting the uncertainty of your sense perception. The "leap of faith" acts more like a defense mechanism of your brain for psychological security, a security that is not necessary for living.


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The focus on balancing the challenge of a task against our skill is look at the part of the whole of the system for flow. The dissolution of the sense of self is not the symptom of it, but one of the triggers. I'm sure there are many ways to trigger flow, but really what everyone is searching for is clarity of mind which maximizes the chance of triggering flow in your daily life.