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That's what made me stop playing most MP games in general.

Meta this, meta that, find the most efficient ways to do things and stick to that.

Even first person shooters are going that way...

I like my sense of wonder and adventure in video games and that's gone from most multiplayer now.


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They've been developing the game for 5-6 years. AND they're reusing assets???

If it was a smaller studio I'd think trouble. But because it's Nintendo I think, "This is going to be amazing, imagine how much time they had to polish things and add that Nintendo charm!"

See Capcom farting out amazing game after amazing game in Resi Evil reusing assets and everything.


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That's why I have a digital version. My physical copy is sealed.

Doing the same for Zelda TotK. Have my digital copy pre-ordered using Nintendo Vouchers and got my order in for physical collection copy as well. I have a sealed copy of every Zelda game ever made except 1 and 2 which I just have the NES carts for.


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But you don't have to play them all and each one can be played by itself.

1 introduces it all.

2 is an entirely separate scenario and you really don't need to understand what happened in 1. It adds to Claire's backstory, but the ingame documents tell you what you need to know. If you want the details then go play 1.

And same with 3. It's all about Nemesis. The mansion doesn't really matter unless you want to know the details of Jill before that game.

It shares an overarching mythos, but you can play the games in any order because they focus on their individual storyline above all else and will fill you in on details you need to know in the documents.


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Monster Hunter.

I keep trying to give them a chance, I don't know why.......... But then I hit all this online multiplayer co-op stuff and I lose interest.

I don't like online co-op, and tend not to buy any games with a focus on it. It's just not fun exploring PvE environments with another person pressuring you to keep going. But Monster Hunter tricks me every few years.


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The Switch Lite is the cheapest model and it is HANDHELD ONLY.

The regular Switch and OLED Switch can be played handheld or connected to the TV. The only big difference between these two is the screen quality in handheld mode. OLED is better but more $$.

Get some extra controllers and a screen protector (because kid).

Nintendo is a fantastic choice for kid friendly games.


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It's a licensed super hero game selling for full price using battle passes and looter shooter mechanics so they can extend grinding time of the playerbase in the hopes that they buy the battle pass. While at the same time nuking single player, which the studio is known for.

I'm betting there will be daily quests too.

It's basically just another Borderlands/Destiny clone but worse.

Like the old days of all the WoW clones but worse.