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A couple of years ago, a solider in the UK was charged with disobeying orders for teamkilling in a VBS training exercise.

> “We were supposed to imagine we were travelling in armoured vehicles through a really hostile built-up area. One of the lads just lost his rag and ‘opened fire’ as it were, killing the soldier next to him.

> “He then drove down the street deliberately smashing into cars. It's safe to say the officers in our battalion did not find it as funny as we did.”


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> [The Britons] inhabit wild and waterless mountains and desolate and swampy plains, and possess neither walls, cities, nor tilled fields, but live on their flocks, wild game, and certain fruits; for they do not touch the fish which are there found in immense and inexhaustible quantities. They dwell in tents, naked and unshod, possess their women in common, and in common rear all the offspring. Their form of rule is democratic for the most part, and they are very fond of plundering; consequently they choose their boldest men as rulers.

> They can endure hunger and cold and any kind of hardship; for they plunge into the swamps and exist there for many days with only their heads above water, and in the forests they support themselves upon bark and roots, and for all emergencies they prepare a certain kind of food, the eating of a small portion of which, the size of a bean, prevents them from feeling either hunger or thirst. *


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I don't think that's right:

> Marcy Frost, an employment attorney at Moss & Barnett, says it all depends on the word "private".

> "If you are truly a private club, and not open to the public, the answer is generally, yes, you're allowed to discriminate," said Frost.

> Why?

> "On the theory we have a Constitutional right of freedom of association," she said.*


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Yeah it does - the section entitled "Comparisons with Vietnam"

> Both Britain in Malaya and America in Vietnam used Agent Orange. Britain pioneered the use of Agent Orange as a weapon of war during the Malayan Emergency. This fact was used by the United States as a justification to use Agent Orange in Vietnam.