MakesUsMighty t1_j972w7s wrote

The only neighborhood with transit that frequent I know of is Forbes / Fifth Ave in Oakland. Most bus lines throughout the region run with 20 minute headways at peak. 30min is pretty typical, and it gets up to 60 or 90 if you’re much further out and/or it’s a weekend.

Also it’s largely a hub and spoke system. Most lines travel through downtown or Oakland at some point, so if that isn’t your origin or destination you’re likely to need a transfer there.

If I move back to Pittsburgh I’d probably try to move to Oakland. It’s dense enough to be a city in its own right (it’s Pennsylvania’s third largest employer behind Philadelphia and downtown Pittsburgh), if that’s your vibe.

If not, head out a mile or two and there are lots of nice neighborhoods that are an easy bike ride or walk into the built-up areas.