Maktesh t1_j1brb6h wrote

Agreed. I'm not pro-piracy in an unrestricted sense, but I will resort to whatever means necessary to preserve the media I love.

Insofar as quality goes, the difference between watching (true) 4K UHD on disk vs. a compressed steam is quite noticeable. The recent remaster of The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a great example.

  1. Actual ownership
  2. Tangible display
  3. Overall quality

These are reasons enough to maintain some physicality in media.


Maktesh t1_ivdl5vc wrote

I'd also be curious if this pertains to the types of crimes.

Certain types of crimes are just more "exciting." (e.g. CCTV footage of Walmart shenanigans.) I wouldn't be surprised if the social media sharing has to do with how unfamiliar or bizarre a certain event is to the reposter.