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Yeah I'm not happy that the government is putting its foot down in favor of the owners over the workers on this. Kinda figured they would anytime any union involved in transportation threatens massive strike it seems to get treated as a national security threat.

But I'm also not about to let insane theocratic fascists take over. The GOP wouldn't have done any better than Democrats on this and much worse on other issues.

And as you said many more would blame the DNC and leave if the rails stopped.


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To an extent. It varies in severity from storm front 4chan parler shit to places with an effort to moderate.

However even places that moderate give conservatives a break when it comes to breaking TOS.

That’s the big irony of the conservative habit of bitching about censorship. They are the freest group of all. Everyone else gets the full TOS enforced on them. Conservatives get little slaps on the wrist like Facebook jail because if they were treated like everyone else they’d all be perma banned by now and I would look like social media kicked all conservatives off and political engagement would tank.

Like Reddit at this point probably should have ban hammered conservative and Republican and Tuckercarlson.

But they won’t because they are terrified of what it would look like if they actually gave the rest of conservative forums the T_D treatment.


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One of the many jaw dropping exchanges of Ye’s “THE JEWS!” Rants was Tim Pool blatantly trying to teach Ye how to dogwhistle and using the word “media” and Ye picked right up on it and went “yeah but when you say that you mean “Jew” right? I just want to say that.”

Like Ye picked right up on that dogwhistle he just spit it out because he wants to be blunt. Meanwhile Tim Pool had that word right on hand for him.


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I remember when those oathkeepers got arrested from their clowncar uhaul raid on a gay pride event and a lot of them looked like they had FAS. One of the repeating behavioral characteristics of FAS is a tendency toward violent behavior and joining violent groups. So that at least sort of explained a number of those.

But yeah. untreated mental illness is going to be a huge trend among these people.


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Statues are more propaganda than history in most cases.

A statue of a historic person in a heroic pose with a short plaque that leaves out the uglier details of their past does more to distort history than preserve it.

Its why any authoritarian regime that is interested in banning books or ideas tend to be more than happy to erect statues everywhere.


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Bomb threat. Good joke man. Enjoy being on all those fun domestic terrorist lists.

Had a upperclassman in high school do a bomb threat prank. It was a piece of cardboard with a "there is a bomb in locker 325" written on it stuck to a wall with gum.

Bomb squad came in. did a full sweep, investigation caught the two dipshits responsible. Full expulsion one of them was a senior so they missed prom and graduation. Family got saddled with the bill.

Good prank man. /s

No one is going to give a shit if you bomb threat a place and then go "it was just a prank bro!" you will get hammered with consequences.