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Look up SELT. They’ve been preserving a lot of land in the area, most/all of it with hiking trails. Offhand I can think of Kingston and Epping, but they’re always adding more. They seem to be doing great work.


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Good point, I should have thought of that. If OP is reading this, if considering living in Maine and working in New Hampshire, consider the following:

If you live in Maine, regardless of where you work, you'll pay 5.8+ % in state income tax. However, property tax in Maine is often lower than in New Hampshire.

At $40,000, the Maine income tax shouldn't be a big deal. If your income increases, living in New Hampshire becomes more attractive.

Also, if you will someday purchase a house, you'll want to compare the Maine income tax versus the (generally) higher New Hampshire property tax. What's best for you at that time would depend on both your income, and how much house you'll be buying.


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Will you have a car? And where do you plan to live? And do you expect your income to increase? Those will be the most important things.

Portsmouth is perhaps New Hampshire’s most desirable city, and cost of housing there is expensive. And there is little public transportation in New Hampshire.

Probably the only way to make $40,000 work, even with a roommate, will be to live outside of town. Look up Route 16 on the map. The farther north you go, the cheaper it gets, but also the worse it gets. Dover is pretty nice, Somersworth is ok enough, Rochester has some rough parts of town. Not too rough but still somewhat methed up.

If your trajectory is going to be to stay at the same salary, life there will be doable but not particularly easy. On the other hand, if you think your income will increase over time, you should be off to a good start.


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These are preventable crashes, not “accidents.”

You yourself mentioned that one motorist decided to leave his lane.

Instead of blaming the road, a solution might be a real road test that means people have to actually be good at driving to get a license, and strong enforcement of traffic laws. (But without just using the laws as revenue traps.)


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A quick Google search shows that she’s been a complete piece of shit for years, and of course the broken system keeps letting her go so she can try to kill more people.

In 2021, while on bail for a home invasion (because of course shitbags always get bailed out), she stabbed a store clerk during another robbery, then resisted arrest when caught.

And after that they let her go yet again so she could hammer a guy’s balls.

We need reform.


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Reply to comment by SkinDrone in What a tool by Matty_Bee63

I don’t know much about your advocacy, and I wish you good luck, but just a thought/comment.

It seems that every time there’s a new tax that comes with a promise of reducing other taxes, the reduction never materializes.

If the proposed tax (marijuana sales in this instance) comes with a promise that it’ll reduce property taxes, that should be actually written into the law. Otherwise, I fear that the property taxes might stay the same, and the schools will just take the extra marijuana tax money too.


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If the stabber had been kept caged previously, people wouldn’t have been stabbed.

Yes, the outcome disappoints me, but lots of things disappoint me. That doesn’t mean I’m going to pay people to change their behavior. Sure, I’m disappointed when people spend their money on drugs instead of housing. They should stop doing that.


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Thank you for the links.

The first one has it right on their front page that you and I are paying for their services through our federal taxes. Congratulations for their honesty.

The second and third, if you click around, you'll eventually stumble upon mentions of federal funding too. Not as good as being on the main page, but at least the information is there.

The fourth one, though, wow. Beautiful website that answers almost zero questions. (And no link to actually see any of their available units.) If they've managed to make housing cost less by reducing their costs (like the way Walmart and Costco do business), they should say so. If they're doing it through taxpayer subsidies, they should say so. But they say neither.

Looking through their impact report, they do mention getting money from the Amazon Housing Equity Fund. It's noble that Amazon is donating their own money to a cause they like, but sadly, they're doing it in a racially discriminatory fashion, according to their own web page.


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It’s not working out very well, but I’m still not going to bribe someone with a free house in hopes they’ll get off the sidewalk. I stay off the sidewalk all night, and no one gives me a free house.

The fact that many other people are locked up, has nothing to do with the fact that this terrible person wasn’t locked up, and because of that, was able to try to kill two people.

Prison is an opt-in system. We can just build as many as the criminals want us to build. Or they could cut down on crime and then we could knock some of them down. Up to them.