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If they're planning on living in the city :

500 Park Ave

Gallery Tower

611 Park Ave

All these buildings have pools and are in a great neighborhood. Oddly enough, they're all within a block of each other. 500 Park Ave is new construction, if that matters. Good luck with the search!


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Get coffee and a steak, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich at Doobys. Sit in the park for people watching and breakfast. The best spot is by the fountain on the West side of the park. Wonderful spot to read a book or listen to a podcast.

Later get the jerk chicken wrap and sweet potato fries at Cafe 1908. Pick up vegan ice cream at Cajou Creamery on Howard St.


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If you're going to Hopkins Nursing (congratulations!), several of my neighbors have lived on Park Ave in Mount Vernon while they were in that nursing school. Look at and

There's a Hopkins shuttle between Mount Vernon and the Hopkins campuses, so you don't have to worry about driving or transportation. Plus Mount Vernon has a neighborhood feel, with local shops, bars, restaurants.


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Welcome to Baltimore and Mount Vernon!

There's an old thread posted that's very helpful, and search this sub for other suggestions.

Baltimore is a friendly town, make eye contact, smile and nod when you pass people on the street, go and patronize local small businesses. Don't be afraid to start conversations - people are very down to earth.

Baltimore Bike Party is a great idea, follow their Insta. Check out Salvage Arc on Insta ( he posts here as TopS3cr3t), maybe go to one of his events. Good luck!

Two tips for Mount Vernon - the BEST pho is at Mekong Delta on Charles Street. I get mine to go and get 2 meals of the most delicious, flavorful broth. Get your Asian groceries at Po Tung, 300 block of Park Ave.


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Congratulations on the admission to Hopkins!

If it's for undergraduate, there's plenty of on campus housing and the neighborhood there is very walkable as well.

If your kid is at Peabody, they'll be living in Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon is central for walking, public transportation, and biking. The Inner Harbor isn't what it used to be, but it's a nice walk from Rash Field to Fells Point. You can also take the commuter boats across the harbor. Check out the American Visionary Arts Museum. Have a wonderful visit!