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Something that’s really stuck out to me is how great Red and Kitty’s relationship is. They’re such a good couple and written really well especially for a sitcom. They have disagreements or arguments but they feel real and never extreme where you doubt their love or commitment to each other.

It’s a shockingly great depiction of a normal, loving relationship that I wasn’t expecting from a random network sitcom of all things lol


Malfallaxx OP t1_j15ee2v wrote

I think the grounded aspect has been my biggest surprise and a reason I’m enjoying it as someone from a small midwestern town (though not from the 70s). A lot of the episodes I saw were from later seasons so after the first season and a few episodes into the second I’ve been shocked at how ‘real’ it feels.

It really does just feel like a bunch of midwestern teenagers from a middle of nowhere town hanging out in basement. It doesn’t lean on the 70s gimmick nearly as hard as I expected.