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Oh sorry. I thought you meant you dropped the knife on your way out as in not inside the tree :)

That would not have been a good look for you. Carving knives out of children's bones lol

But I think maple was just something that doesn't understand how humans work. She didn't know that we just can't eat people. She thought she was doing something good for herself and the children. And she obviously loved you. Sorry you have these horrific memories


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Maple loved you. I felt kind of sad for her. Except for the murdering children thing. If she would have told you she needed could have come up with other options. Sad all around

I'm surprised the police didn't arrest you as a killer. It was your old home... You were considered weird by the community as a kid so they must have known something. And then you return and are found in the tree with a bone you converted into a knife.. Lol


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I would Always want to see people flourish. Do I think these 3 people deserve to die? No. But this isn't a minor mistake that can be forgotten or quickly forgiven. This was assault. Of an elderly woman. I think these people should at the very least have a little struggle when it comes to finding another job.

They don't deserve to jump into a new job easily when they not only had the woman locked in the store and assaulted and humiliated and terrified. They had her arrested. And for what? Finding money on the ground and happily taking it. She didn't steal. She found the money and when told to give it up, and wouldn't, she was assaulted and kept against her will and then arrested. She went through a horrible and traumatic experience, because some woman saw that she could bully her into giving up money. I don't think these three individuals are sorry. I think they should be though and I think if it takes them a little while to find a job to be sorry, then maybe that's a good thing. I just think when people do bad things they shouldn't just get to go on with their lives just because it's better for people to be happy. They deserve to be punished, even if it's just slightly. But that's just my opinion. I have the kind of heart that when someone is hurt it hurts me. And knowing that this woman was so scared and hurt, and then arrested, really really hurts me. But I totally understand your mindset and in normal circumstances I would absolutely agree. There are just some things that shouldn't be just swept under a rug. And assaulting someone especially someone who is elderly or a child or cannot fight back, is a pretty low thing to do. And these three did not seem to care one bit.


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Meh. I 100% would have agreed and do want anyone struggling to be able to survive and thrive.
But anyone sick enough to assault an elderly woman for any reason (besides protecting themselves) can just screw right off. I hope this follows them to their new job.
They deserve no sympathy. But the woman they bullied does. (I get your point. I'm not being snarky to you. This incident is just really sad)


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Exactly. It would be one thing if she would have seen the money fall out of somebody's purse or pocket. But to see it laying on the ground, it is absolutely finders keepers. What is she supposed to do go to everyone in the store and ask who does this belong to? The really sad thing is that the woman was so happy when she found it. She told the cashier oh it must be my lucky day! And the cashier immediately told her she couldn't take it. Absolutely ridiculous. Even after the other two co-workers were involved they knew they couldn't at that point take the money. Unless one of them was going to do it. But they still kept at it because she was just so mad that that woman wouldn't just give it up to her when she asked. I mean I can't believe they would act this way over $50. Like a bunch of animals. That poor woman


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"You can't take that. It might be my friend's, he was in here earlier." I'm sure a lot of people were in there earlier! That nutcase wanted that money. So 3 grown ass people assaulted an elderly woman over $50 Times are tough for a lot of people, but my God.. I'm glad they all lost their job, and hope they have a hell of a time finding a new one!