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I just got a flood of memories of the early-&-mid-‘90s. ‘70s culture was still so alive in general…elementary school me would go to McDonald’s with my mom and the Happy Meals would come with big reusable plastic cups to keep in your kitchen with the McDonald’s characters in bright colors on it, yellow background, Ronald, the Hamburgler, purple guy shaped like a shroom I don’t remember his name, duck looking gal with pigtails don’t remember her name either. People generally were so much friendlier then, hippie-ish strangers greeting & talking to each other kindly at McDonald’s. Now it’s psycho Karens & the worker screaming at you to pick up your food. The different TV commercials with the characters were always on but Ronald certainly did not look anything like THIS anymore, thank God.

Edit: Also I remember they gave glass cups with stone engraving for The Flintstones movie (1994)! And they used to provide a movie with your meal (VHS tape of course), they’d run a different one at a time. In ‘93 I got “Babes in Toyland” with Drew Barrymore and then “Wizard of Oz.” Fast food came with GLASS cups and MOVIES. My God, it was different times. Oh how I miss it.


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Idk tbh I’ve seen the documentary on Woodstock (which was released in theaters the following year). It includes a girl there being interviewed on how her parents had disowned her because she’d run away from home to join a caravan of hippie guys. It shows people walking around just naked, some couples with their little children. People bathing in a lake (as usual for them). Everyone high out of their minds rambling philosophical deep thoughts to the camera I have no clue what they were trying to say.


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I appreciate that very much, and I apologize I was rude to you. It’s interesting we had 2 very different experiences, which makes me think it’s very possible some parts were/are more open to progress whereas others cling to the opposite. Could very well be the case. But on the other hand you can relate to, as you said, there being plenty of racist assholes, and racially integrated neighborhoods not being the default norm. Your grandparents sound like genuinely good people, and a person that is a genuinely good soul is never a bigoted jerk.


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I had the misfortune of living 14 years in one such place and then 5 months in another such place (MUCH too long). Idk what you’re talking about because it really is the same. Even though segregation has long been out of the law books, they still function in the exact same way. The neighborhoods are 100% segregated by skin color. I witnessed whites yelling at POC and openly treating them all like crap, rednecks criticizing minority race groups including racial slurs without a second thought on a daily basis, racial altercations on the bus, POC acting completely submissively towards whites, races never intermingling as friends. You’d swear you stepped into 1950 Alabama. It really is the same and anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t want to admit it. Swastika tattoos on hands and on bald heads, confederate flag T-shirts, kkk bumperstickers. MAGA hats & flags. Perceived gay or perceived feminine men always in danger just for existing. Being verbally accosted called “f—“ threatened to be beat up (yeah that was me victimized). It’s living hell and the stereotypes are 100% true.