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Balance to that would be for home teams to designate 2-3 players from each away team as "undroppable," (subject to the player being on IR or something) such that they're awarded some sort of financial compensation if the player doesn't play. That would balance the financial cost of resting players


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I could well be getting it backwards. I was thinking that there wasn't so much standardization 50-100 years ago and that 20-24 inches were more common, but that could be my area or just one of those things that you hear so much that you think is true.


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Feels like the second could have ended with something like: The High Table understands that by the High Table's own rules of the marker, Mr. Wick was required to take the contract for Gianna D'Antonio. However, a contract on a member of the High Table can never be sanctioned, so Mr. Wick's actions in dispatching Santino D'Antonio will not trigger ex communicado sanctions.

Anything else is "Nah, hits on the high table are fine, here's your seat at the table"